Saturday, May 26, 2007

Kelsey's Opinion of Mother's Day

Kelsey is a big fan of Mother's Day. Especially because I told Kurt that I didn't need a gift and wanted to buy her a slide for the backyard. We found a wonderful one at TRU and then picked up a water table. The water table ranks very high in our house...Kelsey loves hers!

We saw my Mom, and my Sister's family on Saturday and spent Sunday with Kurt's Mom and family, because we had a lot to celebrate. I'll post family photos later on in the week....I just want these really cute photos of Kelsey to sit by themselves for a bit.

I took them all, but I'd have to say I'm particularly proud of the one of her on the slide against the trees...I think my Dad would like that one too! :)

BTW, my event was well received and everyone had a great time. And I did get my life back and am enjoying a few days off!

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C.J. said...

Looks like great fun to me!