Friday, April 20, 2007

Onto Happier Topics...PLEASE!

In real life and Bloggyland, life is quieter and sadder. Lots of things going on in the world and I just don't want to express my opinions on them quite yet.

Hey, its SPRING and finally getting warm, so except for one sad comment below, I am going to move onto happier topics.

Kurt's Uncle Arch in CA passed away last Friday afternoon after a battle with diabetes related health issues. He was a lovely man who has a wife, 4 daughters and tons of grandkids who will miss him and love him very much. My MIL and his sisters Jane, Fem and Gloria are very sad, so please say a prayer for him when you can.

Okay, I promised some good news...Kelsey's doing well on the talking are some of her words she uses properly:

Lola (her Grandmother)
yes (and nods well too)
no (and shakes her head well too)
Tana (cat's name)
Chey (for Cheyenne our other cat's name)
Sarah (babysitter's daughter)
Mac (daycare friend)
LOOK! (said just like that!)
Woof (when you ask her what the puppydog says)
Meow (when you ask her what the kitty says)
Cracker and many more that I can't recall!

We are beginning to work on the alphabet and counting. She loves being outside and playing in her sandbox and on the swings in the park.

I haven't posted photos in a while, here are some new ones we took with the new camera. I really like using the new one (Sony Cybershot).

End April, and all of May is very busy for us, we are planning for:
Kurt's birthday on Sunday 4/29
Big work event on 5/2
Mother's Day (my 2nd!)
Our niece Marina's First Holy Communion
The Church School Confirmation Class is being confirmed
Our good friend Jake is being confirmed in that class (and perhaps the love of Kelsey's life! :) and is having a party
Another Big Work Event
Our Anniversary (10!!!!)
Also, BIL and SIL are celebrating their first wedding anniversary too! (okay, Kelsey wants some more cousins, can you start crackin' on that now please? :)

One of my fellow adoptive Moms from our China April group put together a very moving montage of our girls and their referral and one year home photos. It's very moving and the music and scenery makes me cry. We are working on allowing it on my blog, so as soon as it's approved, I'll insert in here.
p.s. How can you NOT feel happy when you see these photos of Kelsey? Her joy is infectious! (the 2nd photo is her rockin' out in gymboree)

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