Friday, April 06, 2007

Ugh! This is not a happy post!

Okay, I work for a non-profit that helps assist low income and needy families. In an urban community that is very close to our home.

2 months ago, my offices were broken into. My colleagues had their computers and personal equipment stolen. Luckily for me, I take my laptop home every day. But it was heartbreaking and left us feeling violated.

It happened again on Wed! However this was an inside job this time. My office was broken into and nothing of mine was taken...but we keep money in a locked filing cabinet and that was taken. Again...violated feelings...

So what happened today? I left my office at 12:30 to go get candy for Kelsey's Easter basket and grab lunch. Had a meeting at 2:30 and came back to my office at 3pm. About 3:20 my sister called and said that MY HOUSE was broken into and my alarm company had called. Now we have had false alarms (cats) but she said there was a smashed window.

I grabbed my computer and ran out the door downstairs and jumped into my car. I ran every stop sign and red light. My only thought was thank god Kelsey was safe at daycare, but I was crying thinking the cats were either dead or gone.

Let me say...we were VERY VERY lucky! I always set our alarm and that really saved us. The only single thing taken was our digital camera (the one piece of equipment that I use constantly) No TV, stereos or jewlery was taken. The robber didn't even have time to mess up the house because the alarms were going off.

The thing that's really ticked us off is that our screen porch door was slashed and our one of the windows of french door off the screen porch was smashed. I handpainted those windows using leaded glass paint and they were really lovely. JERK!

The police officer was really nice, secured the house and walked through everything with me. He assured me that this was someone looking for quick small stuff to grab and pawn for drug money. Also found out the guy across the street is a cop in the next town over. He saw the guy and called it in. So he may be caught. CREEP!

Our insurance co was good too, except it is hard to get someone to come out and fix glass late. They boarded up the door with plywood so it feels okay. I'm not as weirded out as i thought I'd be. Kurt's home so I feel safe and he's not going to sleep upstairs until the door is fixed. I'm staying home tomorrow so hopefully we'll have a repaired door this weekend. Not sure, because this is Easter weekend, but we'll see.

Anyway, no photos because no camera...I'll be looking for a new one tomorrow. Kelsey is sleeping safely in bed besides me...what an angel :)

Let me just end this not so nicely and say to the creep that violated our house...hope you enjoyed the drugs you bought with the money you got for pawning my camera. What kind of PIG goes into someone's home and paws through their stuff and violates their child's bedroom? You absolute creep....I hope the drugs kill you sooner than later. You'll get your punishment in the afterlife, if the cops don't catch you first. (Nothing of Kelsey's was taken, but just the idea that he went into her room....sickens me)


Vicky said...

OH NO !! Thank God everyone is ok.. What a horrible feeling.. Sorry this happened to you..


C.J. said...

Wow! That's some scary stuff. I'm glad things turned out as they did, however, and the outcome wasn't worse.

Be safe!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Headmeister said...

I can't believe it - unreal! I'm just glad everyone is safe.... Soooo sorry to hear that t happened!

BTW, I will definitely check out what specialists I can go to see for my carpal tunnel - I have PPO, so I'm good to go with whomever I find... Thanks for the info!