Sunday, October 29, 2006

In Sickness and In Work...

Hey All,
Sorry not to post in two weeks, but work is starting to get really busy. That lovely honeymoon time of being "the new girl" is over and now I am expected to deliver. Life is busy. It's all good, and I've been to two meetings/events since my last post. Good times.

Kelsey's also been sick...she's had what the Dr. calls the Daycare "ick" - a runny nose and a cough. She doesn't seem particularly run down, and we did get to a new work colleague's baby shower last Satuday and Church last Sunday.

Unfortunately, I got the Mommy "ick" on Sunday and it's lasted a full stinking week! A full blown, miserable cold, complete with larengitis. I felt guilty going to work and exposing my new work-mates (sorry Jane!) but I can't call in sick so early in my new job. Plus, the work events could not wait.

The worst part of it, was that I felt so awful that I didn't want to expose Kelsey to my cold in addition to her "ick" so Kurt had to take care of most of the evening parenting duties. And I missed my baby so much...I could tell she was puzzled that I wasn't picking her up and hugging and kissing her, but I didn't want her to get sicker.

We took no chances this weekend, cancelled our dinner plans with the family and hunkered in trying to get better. I know I feel alot better. Kelsey doesn't seem as congested today as she has this week, but we'll see.

Tuesday is Halloween and I know I was sick a lot with colds as a kid and didn't get to trick or treat much...I will be damned if Kelsey has to go through that too! I was trying to teach her to trick or treat today...we were practicing sticking out her Elmo bucket to get candy. Not that she knows what candy is (and she won't be able to eat any of it...she's way too young to eat candy!)

Our plan for Tuesday is to pick her up from the babysitters early and take her to work to show off her outfit. Then meet up with Susan and Lily to do some light trick or treating. Kurt will be home by 6pm and we'll take her to a few neighbor's houses then. And of course, tons of photos for the big day. Can't wait!

We also practiced walking...she's so close. She's very comfortable now walking holding onto our fingers...something that she couldn't do a few weeks ago. We'll see when she feels comfortable doing this on her own...she's close. I really want her to reach this milestone, so we can see what happens next!

No photos today, I promise more on Tuesday!

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