Thursday, October 12, 2006

Autumn Moon Festival

On September 30, we went to LI to attend the FCC Autumn Moon Festival Picnic. We were invited by Kelsey's orphanage sister, Emily. We had a great time, although, at their very young ages, the girls don't really play together. But they had a great time on the swings and playing in Emily's wagon.
Emily's Mommy, Vicky is an amazing woman and has an incredibly generous spirit. Vicky invited us to visit and shared her yummy picnic lunch with us. Vicky's Mom, Marilyn was also there. It was a great treat to see her again, as she went to China with us and shared that very special time.
Emily and Vicky gifted Kelsey with a beautiful bracelet that has sisterhood and Chinese symbols on it. Emily wears a similar one as does another orphanage sister, Addie.
This is Kelsey and Daddy on the swings at the park in LI.

What an Angel Face!
Emily shared a wagon ride with Kelsey. I think Kelsey really liked that wagon!
Emily is such an adorable little girl, she is barely 3 months older than Kelsey, but she has a calmness and a maturity that is very impressive. She is also a fashionista! Check out that hairband!
That time in China was so special and important to us. Vicky and Marilyn were so wonderful and friendly on our trip. It was a journey of a lifetime! Many of our photos contain them and the other 17 families who made that trip with us. I will soon begin to post memories of that time with photos so you all can share the journey with us.
Take care!

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Anonymous said...

Our girls are beautiful!!! It was great to see you last week.. I look forward to reading your blog. Hugs and lots of kisses,
Vicky, Chris & Emily