Tuesday, October 10, 2006

In Honor of Kelsey's 15 month...15 things I love about her!

1. The way she seems to delight in the world...She's such a happy baby!
2. When she crinkles her brow when she's contemplating something.
3. Her new habit of shaking her head "no" whenever you ask her a question...Even if she really means yes
4. Big sloppy drooly kisses!
5. She's a snuggler
6. Her love of Elmo
7. Her fascination with commercials...What's up with that?!?!
8. Her beautiful eyes
9. Her long piano fingers
10. Her new "word" ahhhhhh-tst! (sound like achoo!)
11. Her screams of happiness when she sees her "ga's" (the cats)
12. Her fearlessness
13. She loves puppy dogs
14. She loves my collection of Willow Tree Angels and says good morning to them every day
15. The way she's completed our lives in ways we always hoped, but never dreamed could happen!


Kelsey's Daddy said...

... And here are other things not counted in the 15:

* Tickle Fights before bedtime

* The Scream Of Joy!

* Kelsey never fails to impress as she learns something new. And you can tell she's proud of each new achievement!

* Phew! Phew! Phew!

* Her love of swingsets

* Her love of riding in the car and singing on the way home from day care.

And that's just a few more.

Anonymous said...

I love your blogspot! It's like listening to your voices (yes, i'm even imagining Kelsey's shreiks, shrills, and no-nos)) and touching you all. I shall keep on reading your entries as long as you're blogging.

You all keep well and happy!

Much love, Tita Glo