Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I Should Introduce Myself to Cyberworld

No one's reading this blog yet; it's a private secret that I've started one. I really only showed it to my husband, Kurt last night. He said he liked it and with that ringing endorsement, I've decided to test drive it to the rest of the world. Now to decide how to promote it....

Why read JoAnn's blog? Well, I will be talking about any and all of the following topics:

  • Our daughter Kelsey, adopted from China 6 months ago. She is 15 months old now and a very happy baby. We are so blessed and lucky to have the opportunity to raise this child. She is smart, funny, fearless and amazing in every way. Plus, she's gorgeous! There will be lots of photos published of our Angel Face.
  • Being a Mommy. The main reason I've created this blog is that I want to give Kelsey the opportunity to peek into my head now while I remember all the little things. I think it's the opportunity of a lifetime for her to really know what I think and how I feel.
  • Adoption in general is a passion of I will talk about it very openly here.
  • Work? I am a Development Manager for a non-profit organization that is well known. However, marketing is a passion of mine, so yes I will discuss it.
  • Marriage and family...natch...but I promise only in a good way. No bitching about taking out the garbage on my website! Kurt and I have been married nine years and love each other very much. At first blush looking at us, we may not appear to have much in common, but our values and goals are completely aligned. That being said, adding a new baby into our mix has definately mixed things up a bit.
  • Gardening, cooking, scrapbooking, home decor/improvements...all topics I love!
  • Fashion...perhaps
  • Books? Love them, wish I had a chance to read lately. Baby books are another story.
  • Politics and religion? Probably not, my faith is personal. My political views are a mishmash at best, so not worth the effort to discuss in print.

So that's may be interesting for some, others may just want to see that adorable baby girl. Please feel free to offer opinions/advice/comments on improving the blog. Once I take it out in public, I want it to be well received!

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog- thanks for sharing. As someone in the waiting stages for their 171H to come back (with fingers crossed of course) I was uplifted by your thoughts. Your baby girl is beautiful and lucky to have such a thoughtful mom.