Monday, October 09, 2006

My First Blog Post EVER

I've toyed with the idea of creating a blog for while. I'm addicted to reading other people's blogs and wanted to leave something of positive permanence for our daughter, Kelsey. Plus, it's a great way to keep up with family and friends if you can't be together in real life.

However, I knew I would never create a blog while I was employed at Profits Ho Inc. I knew that the negative feelings I had about that environment would seep into any writing I did and ruin a place that I wanted to dedicate to our family.

So I waited....

And I've been blessed...Incredibly blessed...No longer do I have to work for the "man." And yes, I know that because I worked at PHI, we were able to afford our adoption and remodel/decorate many rooms in our home.

Last Monday, I started a new chapter of my career. Or rather, I went backwards and re-started the career I should have kept 6 years ago. Doing something constructive and positive for humanity, not corporations. But, if it weren't for the skills and processes I've built by working for PHI, I would never have the opportunity I currently have.

And can I share that my commute is half a mile? That's TWO WHOLE MINUTES!!!!!!

I feel so much more relaxed than I have in over 2 years...I think it's already reflective in my face and I am feeling pretty good about our future.

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