Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Fun!

Happy Halloween Everyone!
Kelsey had a great time at her very first Halloween Trick or Treat! Kelsey was an Indian Princess (Thank you Old Navy!) and she carried an Elmo treat bucket. She enjoyed herself dressing up (didn't love the headband for long, unfortunately!) but loved being out in the warm NJ afternoon.

My wonderful new company was completely supportive of my idea that I had to take her out in the afternoon and in fact, wanted me to bring her into the office so everyone could see her (what a life change!)
Here she is with her good friend Lily, the little Devil.

We tried to teach her Trick or Treat, but she wasn't really interested in saying it. She did love the Indian Woo-Woo we taught her (hopefully that's PC :)

And she liked the idea of collecting candy in her Elmo bucket, but has no idea that it's candy and she could possibly eat it! (and I intend to keep her in the dark as long as possible! Kelsey, you'll thank me some day!)

We went to a few houses, and then Daddy came home and we went to a few more, then Daddy took his tired Indian princess and Mommy out to dinner and then home again!

Kelsey also got to experience helping Mommy hand out candy to other Trick or Treaters. All in all a good time was had by all!

Enjoy the photos!


Vicky said...

To precious for words !!! These Huaihua babies are all so gorgeous !!! Happy Halloween Kelsey..
Emily & Mommy

Our new baby Ashley Rose said...

Hi! I love the pictures! looks like Kelsey enjoyied her first Halloween! I know Ashley had a great time and this mommy is tired too!

Anonymous said...

This is a cool set of pictures.

Wayswin said...

Hey, that's one cute kid ya got there.

But, I'm partial to my nieces.

Uncle Jimmy

Anonymous said...

Love everything here! Can't wait to see more entries and more pics!


Anonymous said...

Marina wants to thank you for the pictures. She thinks Kelsey looks cute. Mikey says she looks adorable. Too Cute!!!!!!
Love, Janet