Sunday, November 12, 2006

Kelsey's First Haircut

Look at our baby! Her first haircut completely changed her look! She looks so much older to me now.

I had her hair cut because she didn't like us putting her hair in a top knot ever day and her bangs were getting in her eyes.

We took Kelsey to a kids haircutting place called, oddly enough, Kids Kutz in Westfield. They were great and really only trimmed her bangs and neatened her sides. The salon has video at every station and the kids get to choose what to watch. We picked Elmo for her. And she's sitting in a red wagon ringing a bell. She loved that! The salon also has the tables with trains that are so popular right now and both Kurt and Kelsey enjoyed playing with the trains.

Look how brave she is! I was so proud of her...she didn't flinch or get upset or anything! All the girls in the salon ooh'd and ahh'd over her.

Finally, we got an official certificate and a lock of her hair to keep forever. I'm going to create a special scrapbook page to remember this special day!

We had a great time and then took our lovely little girl home!

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Our new baby Ashley Rose said...

Hi! i love the haircut! A new hair due does makes a difference. yes! Kelsey looks older! They grow up too fast!