Sunday, September 09, 2007

Where Did My Baby Go?

These past few weeks has seen the Hoppe household change from being a baby-centric household to a toddler-centric household.

Specifically, we've taken her crib apart and made it a toddler bed with a rail. Also, I've removed the changing pad from her dresser and it's become a regular piece of furniture (no, we're not done with diapers, but we usually change her on our bed now...she's too tall for the changing pad.)

Tonight we've officially pushed away the highchair and moved in her booster-seat. She's been eating most of her meals at the table on a regular chair...but she's fallen off a few times and there are only so many times that she can hit her noggin before she does some real damage.

We're walking up and down stairs much more efficiently now, and Kelsey loves to hold hands while making her way up and down.

While I am so excited for these changes...I miss that sweet baby that graced our home less than 18 months ago. She was so tiny then! Now she's a toddler with all the joys and challenges that toddler-hood brings.

It's usually at this time, that the Mommy sighs to the Daddy that she wants baby #2 and procreation begins. Not in this Hoppe household!

Miss Kelsey was a major stubborn Miss Cranky-Pants after her nap today. The funny thing is that she is so smart and is starting to manipulate us where she thinks she can. She says things that are meant to get a strong reaction from us...

When Kelsey is mad or being stubborn, she crosses her arms across her body, gives us this "look" and makes a growl-ly baby voice. She got some bad mosquito bites this week and developed her usual bad reaction to them. I told her many times as I was spreading benedryl and calamine lotion over more bug bites.... She's repeating it back to me saying "no bugs bite the baby!" in her growl-ly stubborn's cute in an obnoxious way :) But she says stuff like "Daddy go away" or "no want Mommy!"

To Boil it Down...

Miss the baby
Love the toddler, even though stubborn stuff comes out (especially after a nap!)
Growl-ly voice funny but manipulating us!

Send good thoughts that the job market opens us this week for me!


Vicky said...

They're not babies anymore.. It's so sad isnt it?? I wish they would stay 18mos forever!!! I have such a BIG itch right now for another baby... not happening here either at the Brick house!!!!

Hope to see you soon

Love, Vicky

Our new baby Ashley Rose said...

Hi! ladies welcome to oworld of toddlers1 yes! they grow up fast! Ashley is now 3 ! I love her deerly! but one enough here in the Ring household too!

The Blessing that is LIA said... does go fast....enjoy it. Today is what one day we will call the "good old days" enjoy it all! And good luck!!!