Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday evening birthday eve

I'm sitting in the dark, relishing the sunkissed feeling of my skin and the slightly sandy and salty feel in my hair and eyes. Today was a wonderful day. I'm just sorry to say that our camera ran out of batteries and we didn't get to record it.

Today was the day we took Kelsey to the beach and offically introduced her to our beautiful Atlantic ocean. It was in the '80's and overcast, so it was not scorching hot. All week long I've been prepping Kelsey saying "we're going to the beach!" and she'd repeat "beach!" back to me.

Well, we packed our snacks, put our suits on under our clothes and headed out to Pt. Pleasant. It was a perfect beach day...a little overcast for part of the day...perfect for a sand lounging session.

We pulled into the parking lot and were amazed that at 11:00am we were able to get a great spot up close to Jenkinson's Boardwalk. When Kelsey saw all the stuff that goes on at the boardwalk, she began to scream happily BEACH!!!!!!!!

Once safely on the sand, with our chairs, towels and snacks all set out, we slathered our toddler with sunscreen while she was happily filling her bucket with sand. Our girl thought she landed in a GIANT sandbox (which in essence, she did). She was absolutely perfect the whole day...she didn't even try to wander off (had the harness in case of that) but was very content to play in the sand with me and/or Kurt, or at our feet.

Kelsey wasn't interested in playing in the ocean...however, she liked it when Kurt gave her water to wet her sand with. Kurt carried her to the ocean's edge to put her feet in the water, but she was afraid (although at the end of the morning, I made her try it)

She loves the airplanes and helicopters that flew over the ocean. She's look up, cry airplane and put her arms out and make motor sounds with her mouth. She was facinated with the parasailing and the kites that were flying beautifully that day. Every boat she saw, she pointed out yelling BOAT and then JIMMY (her uncle Jimmy (my DB) has a boat and she rode in it) he loves that she makes that connection herself! Hehehehe.

We met a family sitting close to us that had a 16 month old and Kelsey visited "the baby" and enjoyed it. They loved meeting our girl too. Kelsey adored snacking on the beach, especially when the seagulls landed to claim a dropped cracker or a sandy grape. She was thrilled!

We had a boardwalk lunch (and ran into a former colleague of mine from CD) and then played a few games trying to win Kelsey some toys (we won barely anything) so we left and came home.

Saturday is my birthday...and while the number doesn't make me family does.

The photo above is from last summer, her first time on the BEACH! ;)


Vicky said...

Sounds like you had a great time at the beach. Happy Birthday my Friend !!!!!

Love, Vicky

Colleen said...

Sounds like a wonderful time at the beach!

The Blessing that is LIA said...

Happy Birthday!!!! xoxoxo