Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm SO FAR Behind in Posts

Okay, I can blame it on my new job status (as in NOT) or the fact that I am really not the SAHM type (I really envy Moms that successfully make this is FREAKIN' HARD to be the full time Mommy to a toddler. Or I may be lazy. I have great photos and stories that I want to post for Kelsey, lest I forget the details...which may happen, because I am an OSAHM now...I lost my glasses for 2 days (Kurt found them burried in the couch cushions)

Anyway, let's start with our Travel Reunion. It was FABULOUS! Our host family, Kerry, Richard and Alexa outdid themselves. Their home is beautiful and the pool was very refreshing after a long hot drive to Ma. (CT took more than 3 hours to get thru!)

But the best part was the kids. Those little girls who were babies when I last saw them...are now walking talking toddlers with incredible personalities. It brings me to tears to think of it. They are all so happy and so dearly loved by their families. I got to speak to the friends we made on the trip and I wish I had 4 or 5 hours to catch up with everyone. And I am not forgetting those 2 precious baby boys who were 2 when we saw them and are now very very adorable boys. (I have my eye on Andrew for Kelsey! ;)

Everyone played nicely. There were a few meltdowns (after all, the girls are 2!) but all the kids were great! I especially was taken with Addie, who has the most compassionate personality. But Cheyanne has always held a special place in my heart....she is such a dear little girl with an old soul. It was fun to see whose face had changed, who had more hair, who was taller, thinner, and outgoing. And of course my adorable fashionista Emily...who didn't have a nap, yet was a real trooper!

Anyway, Kelsey, you had a great time at this party. You played well, with just a few screams of protest. I expect as these reunions go forward (please!) that they will become as important to you as they are to us...this is your legacy...your orphanage sisters!

Thank you again for your wonderful hospitality Richard, Kerry and darling Alexa!


The Blessing that is LIA said...

beautiful beautiful. And thanks for giving this waitig mom so much hope!

Love, WEndi

Stephanie said...

First, it was nice to meet you at Heather's over the weekend. By your profile on blogger, I see that you are a reader. I also just loved The Red Tent (I just wrote a review on it at my book blog here: and also really enjoyed The Kite Runner. Next time we meet up we will have to discuss books!

James said...

I can't wait until you post Part II of that trip.