Thursday, August 23, 2007

My daughter grinds her teeth in her sleep!

It is the weirdest (as in the funniest) sound I've ever heard! And she's a tosser and turner in as well. DH is going to change her crib into a daybed this weekend. We chose the weekend because if it doesn't work well, we can change back before he leaves again on another trip.

Kelsey and I went to my sister's today, because quite frankly I needed the conversation and rest! My niece and nephew ran Kelsey all over the house (thanks Mikey and Rena!) so she had a great time playing with her cousins. And today I noticed Kelsey's hair is exactly the same color as her cousins! BTW, both are bio kids with medium dark hair.

My Sister and BIL just completed a home reno, adding another bedroom, bath closets and 2nd floor laundry. They did their kitchen first. I have to say it looks spectacular! My BIL, Michael is an artist with home improvement!

While I love their whole house, I have a confession....I am green with envy (or should I say RED) over their new laundry room! It's so cute with a built in ironing board, TV and black and white checked floor. The cherry on top is their matching front load washer and dryer in...cherry red natch! And on the 2nd floor right by their bedrooms. MAJOR BIG SIGH. But the TV made me laugh...they are the only family I know that has more TV's than I do! ;)

We recently replaced our washing machine after the old one gave out, but we didn't buy a bells and whistles set...our unfinished basement just doesn't warrant a sexy w/d.

On a somber Sister's dog Sandy, a very sweet 12 year old cocker spaniel isn't well and the Dr's don't know what to do. She's breathing badly, drooling like mad and has been vomiting. Please say a special prayer for her...she's a great dog!

So in the peace and quiet of this warm and humid evening...picture me sitting in the dark, alone except for Kelsey quietly grinding her teeth for my amusement. I guess a ped dentist is in order!


Doug and Terrye said...

Grace is doing the same thing....teeth grinding!!! What's up with that???

Headmeister said...

I'll take teeth grinding over my hubby's snoring! :)

The laundry room sounds awesome! Kinda like my kitchen and bathroom decor combined - only no TV! lol!