Friday, October 03, 2008

Meet Footy and Sister

Everyone, meet Footy and Sister...Footy and Sister, this is everyone!

Kelsey has been mildly foot obsessed since we brought her home. The girl has always loved her feet touched, kissed and tickled. If you do Footy (her left) you MUST do Sister (her right).

Kelsey and Kurt named her feet and this is seriously how we refer to them. They do pop up at odd at the dinner table. And they have their own unique voices. You can have a conversation with Footy or Sister or Footy AND Sister.

I completely enjoy the relationship with Footy and Sister. Oh, and 30 year old better be referring to your feet as Footy and Sister because if you don't, I will be writing their names on the bottom of your shoes forever!

Ah, the imagination of a little girl....

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