Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween and OMG!

Hope you had the happiest, candiest, spook-tac-lu-lar Halloween! Our Princess chose to be, well, a Princess, Arielle to be exact!

Lounging on our neighbor's couch (I kid you not! :)

With Royal Red Hair, Crown and Scepter

Posing with Twin Power Rangers at her Pre-School Party

Look at the Poser!
The OMG part is that Kelsey took to the pre-school parade in supermodel fashion...she strutted in, maneuvered her way to the front of the line and ultimately posed like the Diva she is!
Kurt and I laughed till we cried (at least I cried) when the kids sang songs and then got on a stool to model their outfits. The photo above is Kelsey's moment in the are in super trouble!
After the parade, we took the Princess home, had a little lunch, got into make-up and met Lily and Susan for trick or treating. Kelsey walked around herself and didn't even use the stroller. It's a pretty long walk for a little girl. After we finished (over an hour later) we rested for a bit, answered the door to our own trick or treaters and then drove up the street to a local church's trunk or treat (totally fun, btw!) We were done and home before 7pm. I thought Kelsey would zonk out fast...but our sugared up sweetie lasted until 8:30 before crashing for the night.
This morning she woke up @ 7am and asked if she could go Trick or Treating again today! :)
She's already planning next year's costume...either Tinkerbell or Cinderella. We'll see :)


PIPO said...

Ariel knows how to rock the look...good for her! Very cute :0)

elsny said...

Love the hands on hips and sassy look she has on the "cat walk"!