Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's Been a While

I'm writing this while the Trophy Husband and the Angel Face slumber peacefully next to me. They fell asleep watching Sleeping Beauty this evening.

It's been a while, and we've been busy. Work is great, but hectic. Our economy is frightening and the elections are about 2 weeks away.
But here's the good stuff...

I love the way she keeps her hands up while she's singing. I also found it funny the way she got distracted starting the ABC's.

Kelsey isn't a child who loves to learn (YET!) She has a great imagination and loves loves LOVES to "pway" She adores pre-school, I believe for the social interaction and the new toys. She loves ballet for the fun barre and the songs she's learning.

Right now she is a healthy, joyous child who loves nothing more than to love, play and run around. Her favorite things are "us days" (when it's just Daddy, Mommy and Kelsey) But I know she is a smartie...and she doesn't forget anything important to her. (like if you've promised her something (like a puppy when she turns 5) She has a great sense of direction...

Kelsey, you are one smart just need to add that love of learning to your repetoire and you'll be all set.

Here are some random things we've done lately...

She became a cow
Posed with Daddy and large squash

Rode a Pony

Kidnapped all my autumnal decorations (notice the pink Princess potty that plays music when she tinkles)

Started to play computer games (before I cut her hair...I regret we did that now)

Played with Footy and Sister
Fell in love with gourds

Tried to ride a pumpkin

Chose "the one!"

Petted a cow

You know, basically having a beautiful life.
See you soon!


Jenny said...

I was just saying, OMG look at her hair and then read the will grow back. (although my mimi lost alot of her hair and it is slowly growing back)

Happy everything. Such a sweet sweet face----Jenny

Doug and Terrye said...

AWWW!!! A little girl that loves to play and has an imagination :) A sweetie-pie after my own heart!

Terrye in FL

Vicky said...

Great pictures,, Kelsey is getting so big and we LOVE her singing !!!

p.s. dont stay away so long !!


Briana's Mom said...

How stinkin' cute was that singing? Adorable!!

Kelsey is a social butterfly just like my Briana!