Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Look What I Got to Do Today!

Today is Earth Day...A Very Important Day for the LEAGUE
I had the privledge to lead the team and organize the 2nd annual Beautiful Newark event for my non-profit.

80 schools participated and 45,000 kids plus thousands of volunteers left schools and jobs and helped clean up the city of Newark today.

We got kudos and tons of press for this...but this was the best part :)

The KIDS! OMG!!! They are amazing....it makes everyone tear up to see them come into the scene dancing with glee and just delighting in the warm spring day...but they are proud of their city and the role they have to help shape the future.
And I am so proud to be able to be a small part of this very important thing we are doing...changing the world.

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Gretchen aka mamagigi said...

JoAnn, that's beautiful! Brava to you for being an integral part of something so memorable for the kids -- think of them in the years to come, you likely had a hand in teaching them love for our planet that is lifelong.

Now that is making a differemce. Brava, girfriend!