Sunday, April 13, 2008

3 Word Sunday Next Edition

Well, in stark contrast to last weekend, this weekend was amazingly wonderful! Kelsey's orphanage sister, Emily had her 3rd birthday today and we went to Long Island NY on Sat to celebrate "Brick Style!" Birthday Girl Emily, Kelsey and about 20 other kidlets, ate pizza, cupcakes, sang, danced and played with tons of fun toys at a cool kiddie center. I think the highlight for Kelsey was the Princess Theme and the Pinata...Kelsey calmly and cooly collected a ton of candy while the other kids were running around yelling and hunting for goodies.

We had a smashing time and were invited back to Casa Brick to continue the celebration. Everyone in Mama Vicky's circle is so friendly. I was so excited to see her Mom, Marilyn, again. We traveled to China with Vicky and Marilyn so the bonds we have are extremely sentimental and powerful. Everyone got a kick out of our carrot and dip munching cutie, who also helped herself to much watermelon as well.

We had a peaceful ride home and this morning Kelsey woke up and told me she wanted to "go to Em's party again!"

Today, we were naughty and skipped church (again!) Kurt and Kelsey went food shopping while Mommy stayed outside and did some garden bed clean-up. I've been chomping at the bit to get out in our's spring and that's what I loooooove to do!

I got pretty far in what I needed to do (however, I've merely scratched the surface of the whole grounds...funny, since our property is so small, our gardens are plentiful!) Kelsey and Kurt came home and Kelsey rode her little cars around our driveway while I took a break...she also played on her slide, in her sandbox and in her Little Tykes house. We had a lot of fun and then we had lunch and took a long, luxurious nap!

Hope your weekend was great!
If you want to check out Emily's party, look here at

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