Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Deep" Thoughts (not really!)

Kelsey's imaginary world is a delight for Kurt and me. We have a lot of fun living in the stories she creates for us to play in. She adores her stuffed animals and calls herself "Mommy" and calls me "Grandma." She'll slip into my shoes or a ring or take my glasses and say "I Mommy" and then I say "what does Mommy do?" and she'll say "wash dishes."

She has a fascination with her feet, which we call "footy and sister" and will talk in high pitched baby voices for's really cute to watch. All her dolls talk, including Daddy's "guys" (his soldier toys)

Also, she loves playing Sleeping "Booty" with her Daddy as the Prince. Every night she pretends to sleep and he kisses her awake. Then they play Cinderella and Prince and is incredibly sweet to watch. She'll then tell me that I am the witch!

Tonight we were talking on the driveway with our next door neighbor. Jesse is a Grandma and a very sweet lady. She told me tonight that Monday night Kurt and Kelsey were on the driveway and Kurt told Kelsey they had to cook dinner for me and Kelsey said "I love my Mommy and she loves ME!" I was so touched by this! I was also miffed that Kurt heard this and didn't tell me. (I think he was a little envious!)

I decided to bite the bullet and get a Blackberry Curve. I wanted one at Cendant and was entitled to it as a Director, but they froze that perk before I was promoted and so I never got one. It was recently suggested to me that I get one and my new co has a nice technology perk that will cover the I'm getting it tomorrow racy red! :)

Kurt's birthday is next Tuesday and he won't be here (BOO!) Kelsey and I are going to shop for his present tomorrow and then we'll make a cake and get some balloons. We're hoping for a really fun weekend (and some gardening and powerwashing too!)

It's almost Mother's Day (my 3rd!) while I never "need" anything besides my darling girl and her Daddy...there are lots of things I'd love to have (hint for DH!)

Amazing Grace perfume
A few Pandora Charms for my bracelet
Plants for the garden (lavender, buddlea)
A cool new handbag

I know...I'm greedy...but sometimes a girl needs a few "pretties, " right? ;)

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