Sunday, April 27, 2008

3 Word Sunday, Next Edition

Tuesday is my DH's 35th birthday. Yeah, I know, I'm jealous too, I wish I were 35 again! In this Hoppe household, birthdays aren't only one day...we celebrate the whole weekend before and sometimes after as well!

Kelsey is a little confused because she doesn't realize that adults have birthdays too. I think she thinks that only kids have birthdays. We went to a Chinese restaurant last night and she was so freaked out when another table was celebrating someone's birthday too! I think we're going to take it easy on the restaurants for a while...she's not on her best behavior at them yet.

Now for a special private message to my better half :) Honey, happy birthday! I love you and wish you could be home more often...your girls miss you! You are a wonderful Father and great Husband...sure you could help out around the house more...but you are always here for us. And unselfish with your time, energy and stuff! We have the best time giggling, just hanging out just the 3 of us!

When I read (and hear) tales of men spending entire weekends golfing or fishing or hanging out with their friends to the detriment of their wives and children, I just am very grateful that we do not have that kind of relationship! It is wonderful to share my life with someone that holds the same values that I do...I love you and our life together with our wonderful girl (you two are playing inside while I type this...)

p.s. not to mention that I still find you as cute and adorable as the first time we met! ;)
The Missus


Pug Mama said...

Happy 35th Birthday to hubby!!!!

Our new baby Ashley Rose said...

happy birthday kurt, jay and i have another year to go until the big 35th.

Beverly said...

happy birthday to your very handsome hubby!!

PIPO said...

Happy belated 35th to hubs!

Briana's Mom said...

Hope your hubby had a very happy birthday!

I am going to be 35 in June!