Thursday, November 27, 2008

We Gather Together...

Happy Thanksgiving One and All!
Hopefully you ate wonderful food, surrounded by friends and family and those you love. You may be thankful for the opportunity to make plans to do "Black Friday." Please enjoy and spend some $$$.

I have to say I had a lovely day planned, full of great food, family and friends. But I was hit by the trifecta of hormones (you ladies know what that means) sickness (crabby 3 year old and me) and lack of sleep for a few days. Wow....that made me a crabby, ungrateful, overwhelmed biatch.

Here's what I am grateful for...
My Trophy Husband - he puts up with my crabby moods and still wants to be married to me
My Beautiful Daughter - she fell asleep @ 7pm tonight (too bad I caught a second wind @ 8 or I would be joining her.
My Family - for pitching in when I was completely stressed out, tired and overwhelmed by the idea of clearing that massive table...yikes!

I have a job, some money in the bank and am looking forward to a more stress free holiday season. This gal needs her sleep...nuff said!

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