Monday, November 03, 2008

BRAVO, Bravo!

Well Bravo,
I have to hand it to you, showing a marathon of West Wing right before election gave me pause to think about a lot of things.

When I watched that show, I felt a deep sadness that our President wasn't Jebbidiah Bartlett...a smart, scholarly man who surrounded himself with smart scholarly people who passionately CARED about their jobs. (Does that sound like anyone you know running for president?)

And clever of you to showcase the ones where the President is being called names (socialist!).

It has me thinking and re-thinking my position...and makes me very happy to be in my present position where I am working for social change (in schools) and in the legislature.

When I told my father I didn't want to go to Law School, he asked me what I could do with a political science degree...I said Teach, work for a political institute, work in government or be a lobbyist.

Well I don't teach (but I do train) I work for a non profit and do political/community organizing, work WITH the elected officials and am in the process of creating legislation. Plus I do this with some of the adoption work I do as well.

So, political science degree, not too shabby! :)

Kelsey and I will be voting tomorrow (I make the selections - she pushes the big red button that officially captures my vote) and I have some thinking to do...

So thanks to Bravo for some soul searching on my part.

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