Saturday, November 08, 2008

Kelsey got a Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

I must have been REALLY tired this morning. After ballet class, Kelsey and I went to TRU to get a few computer games (girl loves her some 'puter!)

I always have a side joke and say everytime I'm in an electronics store "got any Wii's?" and every single time the sales person shakes her/his head and says no sorry.

Not today! The TRU guy says "yes we just got 5 delivered today! Want one?" Before I know it I am handing over my credit card and one of those elusive little suckers is paid for and in my shopping cart! Then of course, we had to buy a few games. I let her choose a Disney Princess game and an Alvin and the Chipmunk game. She loved them!

Daddy of course, wasn't too happy with me, but I wasn't really proud either (bad economy + non profit job = not spending frivolously anymore) but Kelsey had played the game at my sister's and loved it...and I rationalized that we could have family gaming nights/friends over for Wii...

I'll have to take some photos of Kelsey playing Wii and post them. Oddly enough Kelsey and Kurt loved the boxing game that came with the game.

So Folks that have Wii' them? Can you make any suggestion on games?

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