Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Rant in Bullet Form...

  • This is my only week of vacation until December and I've been working every single day. I'm not happy about it, but feel my hands are tied.
  • I have so many things I want to rant about work...but won't in this space. I do have to say I am pretty disappointed to be nearing 48 and still having to face work paranoia. When does this stop?
  • I have my 6 month review the day I go back to work. yuck.
  • We took Kelsey to her first pediatric dental appointment and she freaked out getting xrays. She also has 3 cavities that they can see (so far!). The solution to the cavity problem isn't pretty at her age. I really feel that I've let her down. She hates getting her teeth brushed and some days I'm not as strong an enforcer. Well, that's now over and she's getting really watered down juice and we are fighting the teeth brushing 2x daily.
  • Potty training...she's peed twice in her panties in her booster seat...pee all over the kitchen floor, literally 2 minutes after she's insisted she can't pee on the potty...she's simply just not ready.
  • The weather hasn't been much fun this week. Every day its threatened to rain and we've postponed our plans...and it hasn't rained (except for yesterday) tomorrow come hell or high water we are going to Sesame Place.
  • Sorry this isn't an inspirational post. We've had some fun this week, but I am just not in the mood.


Vicky said...

Im sorry to hear about the potty training but glad we are not the only one... Emily wants NOTHING to do with big girl underware or going on the potty. Today, we are in big girl underware once again.. lets see what happens. She keeps telling me "dont worry mommy, I will do it soon"...

See you in a few weeks !!

Vicky & Emily

Jenny said...

yup...pee on the floor sounds familiar. it is a power play that pee on the floor situation. both my kids can pee on the potty every where else but home.

good luck with your review!

Beverly said...

{{hugs}} to you. Hope your weekend is good.

our little girl no more baby said...

go have some fun at sesame place i love it there you makes you be kid again, you will few accidents from time to time with potty rememebr you have stick to it . otherwise kelsey will get confused.
have a better weeknd! oh1 if you want to order papmer chef please order by monday.
if not iti s ok, i will try to another show in the fall. good luck with your review.