Saturday, July 26, 2008

Okay, Sesame Place Completely Changed My Mood!

Kelsey ran right to Zoe and hugged her!
Still not a fan of carousel horses, but she likes the sleds
Floating in bliss down the river with Daddy
Kelsey and Dorothy! (Elmo's pet goldfish) on the stage of Elmo's World
Kelsey and Daddy in the toddler pool.

As a ride amusement park, Sesame Place was okay...however the water park is amazing! The shows are really great too! Kelsey especially loved Ernie's Water Works and the kiddie tidal wave pool, and the sandy actually feel like you've been to the ocean, except the water is fairly warm. It was a great day...not too hot and Kelsey had a great time. She was very well behaved and really enjoyed her time at the park. She ate fairly well (she shared my sandwich) and skipped her nap, yet wasn't really cranky. You can tell that she really appreciated going to see Elmo! Kurt and I had a great time too, we stayed until 7pm, which really surprised us. We had a really good time hanging out on the water park section. So much so that we planned to go to the beach today, and I was okay skipping it because I felt like we had been to the beach already...sat on a sand chair, dug my toes in the sand and the kiddie wave pool was the best because you waded out slowly and the water never got really deep. Unfortunately we didn't get shots of Kelsey dancing with glee in the Waterworks (pipes and fountains of all types shooting water into great jumping pools) because we took a lot of video at Elmo's world and ran out of memory. She really really loved it all...and so did we :)

The park is really well laid out...anyone going to Sesame Place, make sure you take water shoes and wear your suit under your goes much easier! Plus kids not potty trained must have swim diapers on, easier to do this at home than have to buy one expensive diapy!

*not funny cell phone rang the second we got out of the car...and I just said...this has to wait until Monday, I cannot talk to anyone at Sesame Place!


Our Little Girl is all Grown up! No more Baby! said...

glad to hear you had fun at sesame place ashley and i love it there. we will be going again soon since we have season passes. it really wipes you out at the end of the day from the heat amd the walking. glad to hear you had a better day.

Beverly said...

What fun!! Where is Sesame Place?

Vicky said...

Looks like you had a great time!! We really need to get there..

See you in a few weeks.


Jenny said...

now that looks like fun. Mimi and Cams would die. Too bad it is soo far away!


Amie said...

Now that looks fun! I have always wanted to meet

Looks like you guys had a ball!

(fellow Panda!)

Annie said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. It's always nice to meet people who've "been there" and know what this feeling is like!