Monday, July 07, 2008

3 word special July 4th edition

Hi All!
Here is my girl in all her focused glory looking intently at the parade on July 4th! (and notice my handsome hubby smiling adoringly at her!) She had a very special weekend... I have to say, I adore our town parade and have not missed one year in the 7 years we've lived here for the parade (we bought our house in 2000, but didn't live in it for the July 4th weekend) The parade focuses on the best our town offers and I have to say I tear up at times during the event (hey, I am sappy and fully admit it!) I especially LOVE the marching bands and the drum corps. I also love our local Lions although they do love to soak us with their water blasters! (Kurt is a Lion...but he's inactive right now) I like our town for its small town feels very Mayberry-esque at times :)

After the parade (and the dunkin' donuts coffee!) we went to TRU and got our Princess a special birthday present...a Princess Tricycle! We also got a few other little goodies for the soon to be 3 year old (Wednesday!) we had a relaxing rest of the day.

On Saturday, Kelsey and I went out ourselves and did a few errands. We got some things for her big party next weekend and the best part is that we got matching pedi's (okay, she got a mani too along with some cool flowers on her big toes and thumbs!) She looooved getting her big girl special treatment at my local place and I was so happy that she was a good girl and enjoyed herself! Then we went to the pet store and got an aquarium for the kitchen. On Sat evening, we went to Janet and Mike's house for a holiday BBQ. Kelsey played in the pool with Daddy and had a wonderful time with her cousins.

On Sunday, Mommy got to indulge herself in some gardening (some badly needed weeding!) and then we did some food shopping and went to another holiday BBQ at our friends' house. Well, Kelsey almost ditched us for her 12 year old friends! (She and Lily call themselves big sister and little sister) and everything Lily did Kelsey wanted to do! :) Luckily Lily is very willing to be worshipped by little Miss Kelsey, and adores her! We had a great time and then the big kids and their families went to the fireworks and we came home.

Tomorrow is stitches removal time for me (my little back surgery) and my poision ivy is almost gone (although I might have encountered more today- we'll see) and this week is exciting for a few reasons...

1) My org's staff retreat (all the teams gathering in NJ from all over the country) and we have team meetings/presentations from Tues-Thurs.

2) Kelsey's birthday is Wed! She's gonna be the BIG 3! I can't believe tiny girl is going to be 3...she's growing up WAY TOO FAST!

3) Her family/friend party is next much to do...not enough time, but we'll get there!

Hope you all had a great holiday!


Pug Mama said...

sounds like you had a awesome 4th. And how exciting - a birthday coming up the BIG 3!

MKBookWorks said...

Wow - another big girl in the making!! 3 is awesome!

Happy Birthday Kelsey!!!

Missy - Mom to EFP & EBB

Our new baby Ashley Rose said...

Happy kelsey ! have agreat day!