Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hugging My Girl a Little Closer Tonight....

Two bloggers I've followed for a while recently got referrals for sons from Ethiopia.
These boys were young, beautiful babies, less than 6 months old each.

Heartbreakingly, both of them passed away within days of each other, and within a few weeks of their adoptions being final.

I have cried for the families that waited for these children, sad for their families that had been excited for the new family member. I am heartbroken for the babies of course.

I was really shocked at the 2nd child's passing. I don't think the parents knew he was ill. I think a sick child is every parent's worst nightmare and to have your child far from you while he/she is fighting for his/her life would be the very worst scenario.

Any adoptive parent who is currently waiting or has adopted understands that this very very rarely this does happen. I have heard of children passing away post referral and that process and what happens afterward was discussed with me by my social worker. However, once you have that referral in hand and hold the photos of that little face, emotionally (but not legally yet) that is YOUR CHILD, as real to you as if you had carried him or her inside you for nine months.

Please keep baby Samuel and baby Brighton in your thoughts this week. When I read this today, I called Kelsey close to me and hugged and kissed her tightly. I could not bear it if she had not come home to us.

We went out for a few Kelsey "treats" today. Let's just say I was thinking of those families who can't spoil their sons now and Kelsey reaped the benefits.

We are beginning to investigate pre-schools. Our daycare sitter recommended that we start because they fill up fast for Sept (it's Jan and I can't believe it!) We're also seriously beginning potty training now, got a special kit and everything. Wish Miss Kelsey luck please!


Our new baby Ashley Rose said...

sorry hear about your frends referrals, thats so sad, welcome to the world of preschool and potty training. yes you do have to look at preschool already for sept, i just have re -register again ashley for sept and next spring in 2009 i have register her for kindergarden its crazy. potty is toatl committe you live eat and live in the bathroom. just have some patience it will take time. good luck!

i-Con said...

Such sad news. My heart breaks for them and the awful pain they must be feeling.

Wishing you the best in preschool hunting.

Beverly said...

It does make you really sad and much more appreciative for the healthy referral.