Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas Morning... Pictures Worth Thousands of Words

We didn't rise and shine very early Christmas morning, but we were definitely up by 8:30.
The Tree and all the presents before the Kelc-inator launched her attack!

She started off slowly, but picked up steam...

Note the matching red Milk Bone doggie PJ's (Mommy has them too!)

She lavished much love on her new Dora the Explorer suitcase (bought to house her Dora doll collection!)
Stopping to gaze on a doll

Daddy is captivated by her ripping abilities! (also Mommy took all the photos)
Eh, it's just clothes...let's toss them aside
Tana caught a beautiful sunbeam and looked so angelic we had to capture it!

Santa was very good to Miss Kelsey...her favorite easel, her Dora Mermaid dolls and that Duckie game my Mom gave her...

Santa was also pretty good to Kurt and me. I got some charms for my bracelet and a mini digital photo album (credit card size) and the cutting board I've been lusting after (I know, not exactly what you may be lusting for...but I got my job and that was really all I needed!)

Kurt got a mini remote control helicopter, some clothes and we all got a flat screen TV for the 2nd bedroom. Now the poor guy doesn't have CSI and NCIS roll by on channel 2 at night (the co-sleeping means Kurt and I sleep in separate beds right now...hate!)

Next post Christmas evening with Daddy's family!

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i-Con said...

Cuteness..I'm lovin' the jammies.

Happy cutting :0)