Sunday, January 10, 2010

So, I got a job!

Two months, three interviews and lots of nervous energy later, I was offered the position of Financial Development Manager of the American Red Cross in Princeton.

I was hoping to have solidified my job before the holidays, but all along I thought this was "the job" and just waited patiently (yeah, right) for them to realize it too.

I start my new career on Wed. and I am really excited about it.

Other good news in the family....

1) Mom is recovering from her latest bout of pneumonia and complications and is getting back to her own self

2) Kelsey got her first report card last week and was recommended to attend Kindergarten. She will attend Kindergarten at her private school that she currently attends. We are thrilled and proud!

Perhaps 2010 WILL be a better year for our family :)

Peace out.

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