Sunday, September 07, 2008

I'm Blissfully Domestic!

Well, don't fall on the floor laughing or anything...what I mean by that is I have been asked to be a contributor for an online magazine called Blissfully Domestic in their home/gardening category.

I have had 2 posts up already and am really enjoying writing about the art of creating a warm and friendly home.

Please check out and send a comment or 2 my way if you like it!

I highly recommend poking around the site, but if you MUST read my contributions, you can find them here:

I do have to say it is awfully nice to see my name in a bi-line. :)
But seriously, check out all the sections...we have some amazing women contributing to this magazine!

btw, I leave for DC tomorrow for a short (35 hour) trip and Kelsey has said to be at least 6 times..."You go on business trip?" and when I say yes, she says "You miss me?" It breaks my heart every single time...of course I hug her and tell her yes and that she has to be brave for Daddy because he'll be sad....

I presume this gets easier...but I am not happy about boarding that train tomorrow!


Our Little Girl is all Grown up! No more Baby! said...

hi! i put on it my favorites so i can check it. good luck on yoour business trip.

Bella Casa said...

Congratulations and very nice to meet you! I am waiting for my first article to be approved...I hope it will be ;) I added you to my blog list.

Bella :)

Beverly said...

how exciting. What a cool deal!

JoAnn said...

It's pretty exciting. I just became a contributor at the homeschool channel. Then I found your website, clicked over to your BD article, and noticed that we share the same first name with the same spelling. I don't run into that too often.

Anonymous said...

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