Monday, September 01, 2008

Another Day, Another Year Older *Updated*

Yes, Bloggyland, I am another year older today. My real problem, as I have explained to numerous folks in the "real world" is that I am living the life of a 35 year old, but am definitely NOT 35. Oh well, nothing can ever change that I am not a good number (in fact, there was no number I really liked after 33 anyway)

Onto the photos!

Birthday Dinner
Our Brave Girl on a Pony!
Obviously this is not The Renaissance Festival! We decided to go to Turtle Back Zoo today instead. Kelsey's First Carousel ride where she's not riding in the sled!
My very cute and not dark hair! Kelsey is pondering the question when Mommy asked her "I know I am fat, but do I look "old?"
Eating the worms in her "dirty" dessert!

On Sunday evening we went to a block party at our good friends house. We had an amazing time, great food, wonderful friends and fantastic music! Little Kelsey and I really danced up a storm. Thanks Sue for inviting us!

Kelsey and I baked cupcakes, frosted them and decorated them for the party. She's so funny. When I let her cook or bake with me, I pull up a kitchen chair and put a pillow on it so she doesn't slip. As soon as I mentioned it was time to bake, she went right over, pulled the chair and got the same pillow. She has an incredible memory --when she wants to.

Oh, and we have an "official" potty trainer on board...she's gone almost twice a day (except for today when we were out all day) I am betting within one month she's done :)

We decided that a full size or twin bed really won't fit in her room, so we're just going to replace her bedding with Ariel Mermaid and get an inflatable mattress for her room, so we can sleep in there until she feels comfortable. She knows we want her to sleep in her own room and she wants to...she just can't do it without me currently.

What a great weekend! We had a blast!

**Updated and a very happy birthday to my BIL Michael, good friend Ashley, Mrs. P and anyone else lucky enough to share a special day on Sept. 1****


PIPO said...

Glad you enjoyed...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

elsny said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great day.

And good luck with the PT - we just went through the overnight, and she felt such a sense of accomplishment. I hope it goes well.

Briana's Mom said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to you!

Special K said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Beverly said...

happy belated! sept birthdays are pretty cool, I should know, mine is tomorrow.