Friday, March 14, 2008


Hey All,
I usually don't mix my personal blog with my professional life, but I am going to make an exception to this today...

I'd like each of you to check out my non-profit's website The LEAGUE . We are an organization that helps schools through web based curriculum do service learning (teach volunteerism) to kids in grades K-12. I believe in this org's mission with my whole heart...learning that doing good gives you "the warm fuzzy" that giving back to your community gives you.

In my heart of hearts, I believe that if each of us could experience this on a regular basis, it would change the world.

As a Development Professional, I'm looking for a grass-roots way to raise some funds for some amazing projects we have coming up. We work mainly in urban environments. You cannot believe the spirit of some of these kids...and some of them have so little by the circumstances of their births. They are trying to rise above the circumstances of their families, their environments, their schools and their communities to better themselves.

The real heros in this scenario are their teachers...all very enthusiastic, passionate and inspirational.

So, I am asking two things....
1) Check us out at the link above or at If you are a teacher or know a teacher...please join us as we try to change the world. We are currently in 38 states and are working to obtain all 50. It's free for all teachers, schools and districts to join.
2) I would like you to become a Fan of the NJ LEAGUE. Even if you are in live in another state, please check out the good things we do all over the country. You can become a fan by donating money....$5.00 will make a difference in the life of our children. You can do this via the Chip-In widget on the left side of my nav bar.

The passion I have to work in the non-profit world started 8 years Liberty Science Center where I felt I was working for the first time for a higher purpose.

The position I have now at The LEAGUE is the culmination of years of planning and working on my career to go back to non profit life.

Join me as I help make NJ a better place for children. Our future leaders. Because it is all about us after all :)
Thank you.


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