Sunday, March 30, 2008

3 Words Week 5

Picture the woman in this photo brunette and looking much worse.
Damn! My benefits kick in on Thursday and I didn't make it. Oh well. Had a fever, it's broken, now I'm just coughing and sneezing. Good thing I have my own office, because, oh yes, I must go to work tomorrow, and Tuesday, etc. (no PTO yet either!)

We had such fun plans to celebrate our 2nd anniversary as a family. Oh well, there's always next weekend. Kurt's been looking after Kelsey all weekend and is exhausted himself...what a gyp!

This is such a lame post that I invite everyone to go back and read yesterday's post about our trip to that was a (long!) post!

Hope YOUR weekend was better ....ahh....choo!


PIPO said...

Ugh...there is just too much sick funk out there right now.

Feel better soon!

Jenny said...

I have no PTO either! Damn kids and their less than stellar vacation package...but the benefits package is pretty good.

Hope you feel better as do I!