Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Delurk and Share Your Opinions Please!

Hey All!
Miss Kelsey has been saying for a few days that she wants to go "home." However, usually she is in either my bedroom or her bedroom when she says it. I know she can't mean China...but what do you think it means?

When I ask her where home is....she can't tell me. She can say downstairs or kitchen or outside, so I know she's not asking for that...

Thanks in advance for the advice!


Kristen said...

Now that's a question I have no answer for!!

Has she seen a movie recently that made references to home? Does she want to see it again? Or maybe go on vacation again?

Hope you can figure it out!

Our new baby Ashley Rose said...

Hi! You said Kelsey likes the move Annie, I know annie says she wants to find a home ! maybe she pick out from there! Ashley is always saying she loves her home!

Wayswin said...

Also.... as I am sure you alread do.. let her know that she is home... and when you take her out, make a big deal about coming home.

...Im sure what she means is that she wants to visit Uncle Jimmy...

AND, I think it is YOU who lurks.... not one comment from you for weeks.

So there... :-p

Vicky said...

I have to agree with Colleen (Ashley's mom)..Emily repeats sentences from movies and shows all the time. Even "MOVE THAT BUS" whenever we see a school bus..lol Kelsey was way to young to remember anything from China (I would think).. I could be wrong??

Our new baby Ashley Rose said...

toddlers love to pretend they are at the age! do not owrry it is normal! even though ashley was a little bit older and remembers us having pizza on a boat in china she was 15 months old! we never told her1 kids remember alot of things! Ashley loves her home too, when we come home it ii a big deal..

MKBookWorks said...

EFP always says "Home Now" when we pull into our gates at home - then she started saying it when we pulled into the gates at her childcenter! I always 'correct' her and say "School Now" - but now EFP thinks anytime we drive into something gate-like that means Home... so maybe K thinks it is a feeling or emotion... time or day or something like that.

Who knows what connections they make in their amazingly agile brains!!!