Tuesday, June 26, 2007

There is NOTHING better in life than a HUG from your child!

I was the receiver of quite a few happy hugs from Miss Kelsey tonight. Mommy needed them too!
This is a photo of Kelsey and our dear friend Lily at Church. Note their happy beaming faces!

Just had to post something happy, because I am crying sad tears tonight for Jim and Colleen at http://www.hannahinchina.blogspot.com/for the loss of their beautiful fur-baby Copper.

I've never met them in person, but have been following their blog for a while and they are using the same agency we did.

Please accept our deepest sorrow for your loss, I know how it feels to love an animal and feel the pain of his or her loss deeply.

Jazzy my baby, tonight I am thinking of you. Will you see that Copper is welcomed with loving open arms in heaven tonight? I miss you often and still call your name...October will be three years you've been gone. You would have been the best big brother to Kelsey and would have loved her very much. She would have loved your big furry mane and swishy tail. Cheyenne misses you too.

We are all better humans for the love and care we give to the animals that share our lives. I hate calling them pets...it trivializes the relationship.

I always said that of course I could adopt a baby because I loved my cats as if they were my children...and all of my cats have been adopted.



C.J. said...

Very true of the hugs!

Colleen is about as amazing a woman as you're going to find. She's as wonderful 'in person' as she is in blogville. My heart goes out to Colleen & Jim.

Headmeister said...

It IS very sad, and I know how your pets can be your children - I have 4 furry babies already. Hugs are a good bandaid for a hurting heart...