Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day to All!

The ice storms have hit NJ hard! Valentine's Day will be held at home...that's okay, better to be cozy and warm in our own lovely home than face the ice and snow going to dinner!
Kelsey has quite a few valentine's surprises waiting for her! Plus, this weekend is shaping up to be EXCELLENT all the way around!
1) Lola is coming to visit us on Friday evening, she's leaving for the Philippines to visit the family on Saturday.
2) Jim and Judy are coming from Maine for a visit! (FYI, Jim is my baby brother!) Our whole family will gather at our house this weekend (Casa Hoppe is smack in the middle!). It's so rare that we all get together...should be a fun time!
3) Sunday is Chinese New Year and we are planning a celebration, our first as a family!
4) Kurt and I both took President's Day off from work and will plan something fun with Kelsey (we're thinking a children's museum)
Happy Valentine's Day, dear readers, I hope you get flowers, candy and something sparkly to enjoy!
Love and Keep Warm!
JoAnn, Kurt and Kelsey

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Anonymous said...

Hey - Where are the chinese New Year pictures? Auntie Rae-rae