Sunday, November 01, 2009


well, it's been over 2 months since my last post (confession?) and I probably have a ton to say. However, I really don't want this blog to become constant negativity, so I've held off posting.

My Mom's illness has really taken a toll on all of us, our family, me. it's turned me from a planning, confident woman into someone who can't even think what will happen tomorrow. My cell phone rings constantly with assisted living, caregivers, rehab centers, etc. There is never a phone call for me. I talk to my sister constantly -but we have to remember to talk about our lives. This is rougher than my Dad's illness and passing because we all knew and were prepared that there was no hope...this feels more insidious because we have some great days and then some days where we rush to the ER.

I'm still unemployed and it hurts, stings, and makes me angry, sad and scared simultaneously.

I'm going to try to go back to posting more on this blog and in a more positive manner. I find myself lost in my own thoughts constantly. I look forward to writing some of the more interesting ones down for folks to see.

Here's my girl from Halloween - a perfect, luminous light in my life!


Our Little Girl is all Grown up! No more Baby! said...

kelsey looks so grown up,before you know she will be in kindergarden,sorry about your mom,it is rough what you are going through, but your right you need to have a life too.sometimes you need to a beak from helping your mom and do things for yourself.have a great month, think postive thoughts.

Madeleine said...

Your little girl is a cutie-pie!! Oh I can't wait to get ours, specially when I see pictures like this!!

I'm sorry about your mom. I have a friend who is going through the same things. Her heart and life are in chaos sometimes, my heart goes out to both of you.