Thursday, January 18, 2007

How Much Do I Love My Husband?

My husband, Kurt, is a reader of this blog. I have invited him to actively participate in writing it, but I think he's going to do his own thing. I really can't wait, because he's an amazing writer.

I know I've created this blog primarily for our Kelsey, but Kelsey should also know how much I love and adore her Daddy too. In honor of that and as a pre-Valentine suprise I dedicate this posting to the love of my life, Kurt. We will be married 10 years in May, so here are 10 things I love about him!
  1. I never know what he's thinking about. The other day he was sitting on the stairs with a "I'm thinking about something" look on his face. I asked him what he was thinking about and he smiled mysteriously. He doesn't always tell me :)

  2. He is amazing with Children! Every child, not just Kelsey!

  3. He knows a great deal about most things. If I have a problem or a question...he is my go-to guy.

  4. He has a fantastic memory! (okay, sometimes this doesn't work in my favor, but I appreciate the effort!)

  5. Kurt is thoughtful. He never says something he doesn't mean. And he's always truthful too.

  6. I can tell him what I need...sometimes it's just someone to listen OR pick up the baby OR give me 15 minutes of silence...and he listens.

  7. He shares baby duties with me. Kurt takes his turns at diaper changes, feeding, bathing and dressing. He is a hands on parent.

  8. He's funny. Not in a joke telling way...but in a silly way. We laugh a lot!

  9. When something is important to me, he listens and tries to figure out a way to make it happen.

  10. He is such a good person. He tries every day to do the right thing. He is a much kinder person than I am. He is polite and has excellent manners.

Notice, I kept these to the inside of my darling hubby, not the outside. Let's just say I think he's wrapped up in a completely adorable package! Tall, dark and handsome is how I describe him. He looks great in a tux or a sweatshirt or a Kings outfit!

I have been thrilled to be with him from the moment he showed up at my door with a dozen red roses on our first date in 1995!

p.s. Kelsey, one of the reasons I wanted to name you Kelsey is because it began with "K" for your Daddy!

To answer my own much do I love my husband? A lot! To China and back! :)Here are the two most beautiful and important people in my life...

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